Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Chain Saw on a Stick part 2

Back in April last year we wrote about giving our leylandii a severe pruning with the chain saw on a stick.

Well today we tackled the second part of the remaining leylandii. The first job was to set up the scaffolding tower... Colin had already done this by the time I arrived on the scene... (Result!!)

Having cut the inside face of the hedge down to head height from the scaffolding, we de-camped to the front of the hedge. This is the fun bit, watching passing cars swerve as drivers try to get a better look!

It's an ingenious method but it works like a treat. The chain-saw on a stick reaches right through the branches and into each trees trunk.
The chain saw on a stick is the perfect tool for the job, and before very long we were at the end of the first stage. The height needs to come down a little more BUT the trunks are thicker and it is heavy work...

So that can wait till another day...
In the meantime we can look at the piles of prunings and be very glad we're not having to do it all with a handsaw!

Once the excess height is out of the way, we (and for 'we', read 'Colin') can trim back the branches to create a slimmer hedge.


Abbé Henri Proust said...
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Abbé Henri Proust said...

For Christmas 2013 I received a 'hedge-clipper on a stick', which I will use this year on our hornbeam avenue. The highish scaffold I used in 2013 is a bit intimidating as the ground is far from flat, so this should ease the mid-summer trim as yer humble tries to emulate those old French clipped-tree pruners de temps jadis.