Monday, 22 July 2013

Twin yellow-banded bug?

Over the past few days we have noticed several of these bright little creatures flying and landing around some spare Delilah flowers we planted at one end of the potager.

So far we have been unable to conclusively identify them.

The nearest we have is from our Collins Field Guide

Scolia flavifrons Fabr. male is shown on the second row down. It is near but not near enough!

Any help from our insect experts would be appreciated.


Susan said...

Using the other Chinery guide, I'd say it's a choice between S. flavifrons male or S. hirta. How big was it?
Here's what it says in the book:
S. flavifrons - Yellow Headed Beetle Wasp - one of Europe's largest hymenopterans with female up to 40mm long. Her head, larger than that of male, is chestnut brown. Each yellow abdomenal band may be split into 2 spots.Thorax and tip of abdomen may have reddish hairs. June-Aug in hot sunny places visiting a wide range of flowers for nectar. Harmless to man despite its size. A parasite of the Rhinoceros Beetle. Southern.

S. hirta - distinguished from several similar species by the 2 yellow bands and the strong violet colour on the wings. July-Oct. A parasite of chafer beetles. Southern and central.

I'm leaning towards S. hirta. It seems more likely, and I have recorded them in Preuilly (dead - never seen a live one).

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks Susan, these were no more than 15mm in length.