Saturday, 20 July 2013

Surprise Act...

Friends and family who are familiar with Braye might be a little surprised by the choice of entertainment for the forthcoming Fete du Bois du Temple. This annual event is held, as its name suggests in the Bois du Temple, a normally tranquil piece of woodland opposite the house...

For one day a year the wood comes alive when the brocante stalls are set out for the Fete..

Some years, including this year, a "Balade de Voitures Anciennes" is held..

The event is the highlight of the year for an otherwise sleepy village. All the more reason why the choice of entertainment may surprise. To see what it is click here


No doubt we will (or more correctly, Colin will) be taking plenty of photos next Sunday when the event is held. 

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Tim said...

Very s'range!?