Friday, 19 July 2013

Pasta Redemption!

This afternoon saw us in Auchan spending a good few minutes pondering over the various brands of spaghetti and I have to admit this was not for our consumption. If it had been for us, we would probably have grabbed the first reasonably priced bag on the shelf.

However, this was a far more difficult decision because it was for the gourmet taste buds of three fussy eaters - our hens!

They love nothing better than a portion of cold spaghetti!

A few shots of their pasta eating antics....

Nothing left!!

Can you guess which one is the greediest?!!


Craig said...

I had no idea that chickens liked Italian food! Has the third one laid any eggs yet?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Craig, they adore it!! and, yes, the third one (Heather!) laid a soft shelled egg the other day and as I write she is sitting in the nest box - hopefully laying! Thanks. Hope you're ok?

Craig said...

Hi Guys - we're doing well thanks. Glad to hear that Heather is working for her keep!

Tim said...

It looked to be Heather eating all the pasta with gusto....
or should that be pesto?

She's laying soft-boiled eggs in this heat? Carbonnara?

She's obviously pasta best!!