Tuesday, 4 September 2012

La Foire Mensuelle, Lencloître

On the first Monday of each month a market is held in the commune of Lencloître and what a market it is! From paella to a pony, you can find it here!

The crowds were out in force and it really was a case of 'go with the flow'...

A little garlic to season perhaps?

Or an olive or two for apéro

Artichokes the size of cabbages...

Hams and cheeses by the ton..

All manner of fruit beautifully displayed

And if you fancy a change, how about a smoked eel?

Then, of course, the livestock.. These ducklings need a home - quickly!

And these girls are just what we're looking for!

Some of these would look nice in the herbaceous border...

And did I mention Paella and a Pony?!

The only thing puzzling us is why we hadn't heard of it before now.
So the first Monday of every month, Lencloître here we come!!

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