Saturday, 15 September 2012


Whilst driving the other day we came across this sign...

Its amazing how the sign suddenly brought back memories of the old TV adverts from years ago.

How many of you remember them...

The links are to a couple are here!

Dubonnet Ad 1

Dubonnet Ad 2

Strange thing is, probably brainwashing, that we remember the ads but we can't remember ever drinking any or what it tastes like!

The Queen also has a liking for it: See here

Although we are not aware of any current ads it is still around... Perhaps we should buy a bottle...

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The Broad said...

My mother was very fond of Dubonnet as was a long time ago former boyfriend whose drink of choice was a 'Dubonnet Manhattan'! I think those ads were before my time in the UK -- funny how things go out of style and also fascinating the signs one comes upon when driving through the rural French countryside.