Sunday, 22 July 2012

Festival Cape et Epée, Richelieu 2

The weather couldn't have been better for the second day of Richelieu's Festival Cape et Epée.

The sunshine was unbroken and the warmth very welcome and after a poor start to the season, we now feel that summer is officially HERE!

We went down to take a look at the displays and stalls in the square, the Parc and on the Grand Rue before taking lunch in one of the many 'restauration' marquees set out to cater for the large number of people who flocked into the town.

Period costume was very much in evidence.. There were Muskateers, firing enthusiastically into the crowd (!) and what a noise they made!!

And the dancers,

A skilful horse display, in costume, was held on the Parc

Fire-eaters demonstrated their skills in the square..

And, of course, there was the man himself... A very appropriately chosen Cardinal Richelieu!

There was so much going on and so many opportunities for photographs that we've decided to put them onto a separate web page which can be viewed here

A report of the event can also be found in La Nouvelle Repubique

The whole thing ends tonight with a grand firework display in the Parc at 23:00.

We will be there!!


GaynorB said...

Following your post yesterday we considered driving across but age is catching up with us and we spent the day recovering from our journey!

Looks like it was a special day.

Loire Valley experiences said...

We wish we'd gone - looks like a great day - will have to remember it for next year. Looks as if it was well organised.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Jim and Pauline - it's a biennial event, so in 2014 we'll send out a message as soon as we get to know the date!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

We had no idea it was going to be anything like as good as it was, otherwise we'd have publicised it on the blog.

In 2014, the next time it is held, we'll make sure we let everyone know. It was an incredible weekend and the fireworks last night were beyond belief!!

Leon Sims said...

We love Richelieu but its always so quiet on the three times we've been there.
Maybe next time.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Perhaps the only way to see Richelieu 'bustling' is to come to the next Festival Cape et Epee, which will be in 2014. We'll let you know the dates as soon as they are available,if you like! I would recommend it to anyone - young and old alike. It was super!