Wednesday, 11 April 2012

TGV link for Richelias.

We spotted this poster when we visited the brocante at Marigny-Marmande.

To see a PDF version of the poster see here.

The English translation courtesy of Microsoft is below...

Approaches and talks began in September 2011, and have lead to a change in the route of the line LGV Tours - Bordeaux. No, the location of the route does not change, the residents can be reassured, however, with many political and economic support, it was decided to build the LGV line, an additional station at Marigny-Marmande. The forecast is of service to three periods of the day with two decisions, one to Paris, the other to Bordeaux in the morning, noon and evening. This new service that us be less than 90 minutes from Paris, will certainly attract a new population in our region, and facilitate the arrival of tourists in Richelais. There is no doubt that the richelais working in Paris will appreciate this facility. They have no more to wait until 2015 to the commissioning of the new TGV line.

It will certainly make trips to Paris easier for all who live in the area.


Susan said...

I bet the station at MM is payoff for the truffle plantations they are going plough straight through.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

It looks official but I have a feeling it could be an April Fool as the Brocante was on 1st April!! The PDF is only on a french Blog site... WHO KNOWS?