Friday, 13 April 2012

Purple Haze

For the past few days I've been puzzled by a pinkish-purple haze (no comments!) across the fields at the back of the house.

Yesterday we took a walk to see what this mystery "crop" was.

Surprisingly it was nothing more than a scattering of  what I think is 'common stork's bill', a plant with a tiny little flower which, singly, is easy to overlook...

but, as this shot shows, when seen en masse the effect is quite spectacular..

With abject apologies to the late, great Jimi Hendrix!


Tim said...

It certainly looks like Common Stork's-bill... we've got two similar, but not so large, patches of colour in our meadow area... one is deep purple [Ground Ivy] and the other is sky blue [a Speedwell]... I've carefully cut round the edges of these... I hope they spread.
I found a couple of plants of a Stork's-bill as I was mowing... nowhere near as spectacular as this display... lovely, thanks for sharing it.

Susan said...

That is certainly the best display of Erodium I've ever seen. By golly they are difficult to photograph too. I have gazillions of out of focus, poorly coloured pics of them and I don't quite know what the problem is.