Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dahlias - Splitting and Planting

It's that time of year again when a man's thoughts turn to what else but his dahlias! Lasts year we had a good display. See here.

The tubers have been stored in a cardboard box in the grenier over winter. When I opened them this morning all except one had survived. Unfortunately it was the large plain red one and it had for some reason just dried up and rotted!

Since we bought the original tubers last year they have grown sufficiently to divide so the first job has been splitting the tubers. It is a relatively easy process as shown below.

This one just pulled into two; some of the tougher ones required the intervention of the old carving knife.

Together with three new 'cheap' tubers from 'Lidl' they were soon ready for planting...

The Dahlias Bed now planted up ready for this summer's display.

As we had more tubers than the bed would hold, we have also planted some against the front wall in between the Leylandii stumps... Surprisingly everything we plant there grows very well. I hope these do the same!

Here's hoping we have no more frost...


The Broad said...

Gosh, I wish our leylandii trees were stumps! Thanks for the Dahlias lesson! We also need to do this with the Iris beds in France...

Colin and Elizabeth said...

We started off with over 80 leylandii across the front of the house. Fifty plus trees now felled we feel we can live with the rest.

We've had very positive comments from the locals, one of whom said: "I watched the house being built 17 years ago and this is the first time I've been able to see it since!"

Just do what we did.... get out the chain saw and go for it.
The only problem is, once you've started there's no going back!!