Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Woodland Workout

The day was calm and bright so we went for a walk through the local woods...

Though the colourful leaf canopy was gone from the trees, catkins and mosses enhanced the scene with their bright colours against an otherwise subdued palette..

Further into the wood it was obvious that someone has been very busy whilst we've been away.. There were rows of neatly stacked logs stretching over quite an area..

Our local woodman, Monsieur Bourreau, has felled this area of woodland single-handed, trimming the logs to metre lengths and creating these solidly built walls of wood. What amazed us was the scale of the operation and the techniques employed, no doubt born out of years of experience.

We could only admire the skill this octogenarian applied to the task! The most he would admit was 
"C'est dur quand il fait froid!"

Though it is physically very hard we could think of worse places to spend ones working life! And with the woodland managed in this way, it will continue to thrive and support an eco-system, rich in diversity, for generations to come. 

Long may we, and Monsieur Bourreau, enjoy it! 


Tim said...

He is an octo BECAUSE he does this!!
Welcome 'ome!!

Tim said...

Those really are neat woodpiles! Nobody does "woodpile chic" better. P.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes and not a measure in sight!! we think it is as they say 'rack of't eye'