Thursday, 23 January 2014


The fruit loaf I started yesterday was from a French cookbook entitled "Le Pain et La Patisserie Sans Gluten" which we bought from Lidl last week.

It has the interesting name of "Cake"

We made a substitution to the ingredients, primarily because of cost, Pine kernels cost €5.40 for 125gms and we had a tin full of our own hazelnuts. We also used all farine de mais and farine de pomme de terre (flour) rather than 'fecule'. Apple juice was used as the liquid.

The fruit chopped, mixed and ready to soak overnight.

The eggs and sugar beaten and the flour etc. ready to be sieved in.
With the fruit carefully mixed in

.....there was toooo much for one tin. Donc...

Fan oven 180C for about 35 minutes. Result...

I think it looks better than the cookbook picture.

It certainly tastes very good and other than the fruit it has no fat content...

My only problem now is to eat it before Elizabeth does!!!


Colin and Elizabeth said...

No chance, Colin! (E)

Jean said...

It looks delicious, a nice even bake (!)
I have never seen crème de tartre in a French supermarket but the other ingredients sound straightforward.

Pollygarter said...

It looks gorgeous! Who needs gluten, anyway, when all the other ingredients are so good?