Tuesday, 31 July 2012

STERF Butterfly Survey July 2012

We left it until the last minute but this afternoon we managed to complete the July survey for the STERF Butterfly Atlas Project.

The weather has not been in our favour, this year, and of course this has impacted on the butterfly population. However, today a few species were out in force.

The Gatekeeper was the most prolific..

closely followed by the Meadow Brown..

One species which we saw in some number last year at this time was the Silver-washed Fritillary. This year's count was down somewhat but Colin was determined to capture the wonderful colours of this bright butterfly..

Of course we can't help but spot other creatures and damsel flies always make for an excellent photo opportunity

All that remains now is for me to write up the data collected today... and, if I'm honest, that's not really my favourite bit!!

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