Thursday, 12 July 2012

L'Aeroport Tours

Today we went up to Tours Airport to pick up Elizabeth's daughter Jane who is over to stay with us for a week.

The airport is currently undergoing some upgrading work....

and since we first went there back in February 2011a new arrivals hall has been built (shown on right of photo)

Work on completing it is ongoing...

Baggage handling is pretty basic but at least there is little chance of your luggage ending up on the wrong flight!

Signage for the Toilettes is novel! At first glance it looks temporary but the materials suggest it is likely to be permanent and very interesting, too!

There is planned closure of the airport for maintenance of the runway from 21-23 August and again 28-30 August. Flights during those periods will take off and land from Poitiers airport.

We have been very glad to have the service from Tours to Manchester but we realised today that this ends for the season on October 27th.

If any Ryanair managers are reading this.... PLEASE reinstate this service as soon as possible next year (if not before!)


Susan said...'ll be lucky if they keep their word and extend the season even until 27 Oct. They mess with the schedules for Tours and Poitiers endlessly. We've given up and on the rare occasions we want to go to the UK we take the train. Longer and more expensive, but way more civilised.

Susan said...

'They' being Ryanair of course!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes, we've heard bad press but we're just going on personal experience and up to now we've no complaints!

We've had plenty of visitors use Ryanair, with no problems. And certainly for our families it's made travel to see us affordable, which has to be good news by anyone's standards.

But is that down to luck!!?

GaynorB said...

We considered this route for October half term but for some inexplicable reason half term in Staffordshire doesn't start until October 26th.

How late if that?