Monday, 11 April 2011

The power and the water.

We woke this morning to no power. On investigation the main earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) had tripped out and would not reset indicating we had a bad earth fault on our electrical installation. That meant electrical current flowing to earth, but where? By isolating all the individual circuits, resetting the ELCB and then making them live one by one we tracked it to the garage sockets. As soon as that fuse was replaced the ELCB tripped. It was then a case of what in the garage? It was soon traced to our Antitartre ATE 3 limescale preventor which was drenched in water. Once unplugged everything was back on.

The water was dripping out from our hot water softening kit. I have already had to replace a porous elbow which was perforated like a pin cushion, I assumed it was something similar.

On further investigation it appeared to be from the bypass valve, pictured connected to the silver flexible pipe. Surely this was not perforated. No, most bazaar, it had completely broken in two. Its a wonder we were not flooded out.

Down to the local builders merchants and a replacement was purchased at the exorbitant cost of 7.80€.

With a bit of swopping around because of the longer valve handle the new part was fitted and all was back working fine again.

More than can be said for our Antitartre ATE 3 unit which after dismantling and drying smelt of burning. I suspect the little transformer has burnt out. The rest is encapsulated so not meant to be repaired.

The bad news........ Cost of a replacement circa 100€. When you read the various reviews etc there appears to be great discussion as to the effectiveness of these little gadgets. The joys of home ownership!!!


Sarah said...

Can we have all that again in English please????

hiphopotamouse said...

* bizarre :)

Does this mean we'll need our wolly coats next week?

P.S congratulations on occupying two of the top five results on Google:

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Woolly coats; balaclavas; shorts and bikinis..... who knows?????!!