Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The mice and the toad

Today we have moved the remaining firewood logs to a more suitable position. The logs had been located adjacent to the garage and covered with a blue plastic tarpaulin. We had about half a stere left.

3 steres of wood back in Nov 2010
When we removed the tarpaulin and started to load the remaining logs onto the barrow to move them we disturbed two small  wood mice. We think they have been living in our woodpile all winter and have been taking trips into our garage and eating our bird food. The startled mice made off in the direction of the well where they could find shelter amongst the stone walling.

Wood mouse running for cover
At the bottom of the log pile we disturbed a hibernating toad.

We couldn't leave him out in the open so moved him to a safer place

We hope all are ok and happy in their new homes!

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