Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Circular Walk from Marcilly

We have just enjoyed a walk with friends, Paul and Mary, setting off from Marcilly sur Vienne. We adapted the walk slightly but it was well signposted and had some magnificent views and plenty of interest along the way.

The PDF of the walk can be found at the following link:

The first section was uphill, though it was a gentle enough climb and in no time the views made it all worthwhile.


Spring flowers were out in abundance. As well as violets, bluebells, white and red dead nettle and cowslips a plenty....
Bladder Campion
Wood Spurge
Orange Tip on Purple Gromwell

Then through both beautiful woodland paths and open countryside,

And down to the Vienne..

Across the river, the site of the old chateau...

Common Storksbill
An over hanging branch of willow has put out new growth...
Ground Ivy 

Orange Tip on Dandelion
 And then the best of all...Lady Orchids...

Any help with the IDs will be gratefully received. Suffice it to say it's a walk we would recommend and will certainly be doing again!

ps. Thanks to Susan for help with the identifications. (Post now edited, thanks Susan)


Susan said...

Wood spurge - probably - I can't tell for sure from the photo.
Orange Tip on Purple Gromwell - yes.
Cranesbill - this is Common Storksbill.
Lady Orchids - yes. Burnt Orchids are teeny weeny by comparison and flower a bit later.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Susan. Wood spurge was my guess but indecision got the better of me!
Never thought of Common Storksbill. And looking at more info I certainly agree about the Lady Orchids - beautiful specimens! It's a walk we must do sometime if you're up for it?