Monday, 21 September 2015

A Most Enjoyable Traffic Jam..

We took part in the most enjoyable traffic jam on Sunday created by 200-300 old cars, on the RN10 at Ste Maure de Touraine.

The event was entered into with spirit, as you will no doubt see from the following photos. Styles from the 60s were worn by many of those taking part and we did our best with what we'd got!!

Spectators lined the route right from the start..

Along with the general mayhem of the day, there was the most amazing sense of bonhomie and fun.

Where else would you see "nuns" and "priests" rolling back the roof of a 2CV...

There were fake engine fires to be extinguished..

and Sapeur Pompiers there to respond..

Unfortunately when the handbrake snapped off in Tim's hand, Tim and Pauline were NOT faking it!

However, Susan and Simon made sure that they got safely home.

The whole event covered a course of little over a kilometre but the originality and diversity packed into that kilometre was amazing !

To finish, here are some folk who really got into the swing of things! The short video below shows them in action..

For a few more photos of the day see here on La Nouvelle Republique, (link courtesy of Simon: Thanks, Simon!)


Le Pré de la Forge said...

Glad you managed to video the waltzers....
I think it was one of the most warming of the cameos.

PS: Posted this last night...
someone out there must be wondering what on earth???
I wonder where it ended up?

Le Pré de la Forge said...

Hand-break now repaired!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Glad it is repaired. Out of interest where did you get the part??