Friday, 11 September 2015

A Celebration with the "Village People"!

To help us celebrate our first wedding anniversary we had invited friends from the village to come round.

As we'd been out to Saumur for the afternoon, the cake I'd made got very hurriedly decorated - but a few flowers can hide a multitude of mistakes!

The plate full of chocolate brownies went down a treat too!

We hadn't expected the beautiful gifts they brought us..

 We are very lucky to have met such a friendly group of people. We missed one couple who were away on holiday and another lady who, sadly, wasn't well, but it was a great way to celebrate.

It was only when everyone had gone, that we realised the significance of Philippe's comment: "souvenez-vous?" when he handed Colin the bottle....

This was his "home brew" and we had tasted it (with relish) at the meal he had invited us to back in August.

Yes, Philippe, we certainly do remember!!

ps. another example of the generosity of local people.... yesterday evening a very polite young girl rang our bell asking for help as she had a heavy nose bleed. We did what anyone would have done and invited her in to have a wash etc.. and off she went on her way, expressing her gratitude.

We just answered the door again and it was the same young girl with her mum and sister and this...
What a wonderful surprise and how very humbled we feel!


Susan said...

How lovely, and very many congratulations on your first anniversary. It is obvious how happy you are and we all hope to see many more of your anniversaries roll around, happy and sunny.

Le Pré de la Forge said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate The Day....
and it shows how much of the community you are!
May you have may more parties like this one!!