Friday, 21 August 2015

Harvest with Musical Accompaniment!

Harvest time in the potager, and today we picked the first of the apples..

Next came the daily tomato pick..

And a comparison of sizes from the smallest cherry tomatoes to the big coeur de boeuf..

The coeur de boeuf weighed in at just under 400 grams!

And now they are all stewed/roasted/frozen/bottled/wrapped in newspaper and all the other things you do with nature's bounty.

Colin picked the crook neck courgettes, cucumbers and the first of the pears whilst I went out for a bike ride round the village.

The telephone wires were like musical staves; so full of swallows. But just as I was about to take a photo the first car to drive through the village all week (probably!!) came along and the birds took flight.

I managed just a few lines of music...

and then it was back to pick some beans!

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