Monday, 10 August 2015

Artistes (were) en Village (yesterday)....

Regular readers will know that I had foolishly agreed to paint at the Artistes en Village event at Faye la Vineuse..

I was able to work from the home of friends Brit and Herman Horemans. Their courtyard, with shelter and ample shade,formed an ideal backdrop.

I had been apprehensive as, although I've exhibited before, this was the first time I've painted at an event. However I really enjoyed it!

The artist behind me was another friend, Marian. She and her husband Peter were full of encouragement throughout. Marian is usually fully occupied running their gites, so she relished the opportunity to spend a whole day painting! Her work was magnificent!

I was surprised at the amount of interest people showed in watercolour as a medium. The children, in particular, were keen to watch and ask questions.

One little girl, who couldn't have been more than three, stood entranced, watching every move and in the end I gave her a painting. She asked if she could keep it in her bedroom, and seeing her eyes light up when her mum agreed, made all the preparation worthwhile!

I left at the end of the day feeling glad that I'd done it and as a bonus I had made a reasonable profit; I'd never get rich off it but I do enjoy making things and this was the perfect outlet.

Thanks to Brit and Herman for suggesting the location and thanks to Marian and Peter for their help and encouragement!

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Abbé Henri Proust said...

Fun to see you at Faye and update!