Friday, 26 June 2015

Garden Safari and Isle of Man Visitors

Just scrolling through some photos from the past couple of days, we were surprised how many interesting creatures we see right here on our doorstep.

Especially for Tim, here are a couple of shots of the baby Hoopoe being fed (very carefully!)..

And, of course, the Western Whip Snake, which Colin wrote about here

We take none of this for granted and are always amazed at such a wealth of wildlife.

We had a visit from Liz and David on Wednesday. They come from the Isle of Man and were on holiday here. As we sat under the shade of the willows chatting, they listed the animals which we think of as "common" both in the UK and France, but which are not to be found on the Isle of Man. Among them, the fox, the badger, the mole (!!) and the squirrel.

However, they have one creature which we definitely don't - The Wallaby. Introduced some years ago, it escaped and is now thriving up there on the mountain!

And it's not just Wallabies the island produces...

Liz and David kindly brought us these island goodies, so a huge "thank you" to them for a taste of the Isle of Man!


Susan said...

Lovely. I didn't know there were wallabies on the IoM. The colony on the North Yorkshire moors has died out apparently.

Ken Broadhurst said...

We saw quite a few hoopoes in July in our neighborhood. Some years we don't see any at all.