Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cute Little Birds..

When Colin wrote a post about the baby woodpeckers, he mentioned that I had some photos of some rather more "cute" baby birds..

Well here they are, at last...

The grey wagtails have three young to feed and it certainly takes them all their time to keep up with demand..

The first of the photos were taken on June 10th..

Hey! Come back!!

Well; what do you think of that, then?!

Is he one of us?

Ignore him; he'll go away...

 Now that's more like it!

What's happened to my share?

I think I'll go and hunt for myself. You coming?

Hide; pretend you can't hear him...

The following were taken two days later...

If I stand close enough to your door and look pathetic, will you give me a worm?


Humans, eh? Strange creatures really..

What comical little birds and so cute!


GaynorB said...

Absolutely wonderful pics and commentary

Tim said...

They are not Grey Wagtails... Grey Wagtails are Yellow!!
These are baby White Wagtails... which are Grey... no, I don't get it either!!
Yellow Wagtails are in fact almost completely yellow...
and Pied Wagtails are pied... B&W... but are the same species as White wagtails...which are grey... lost yet,,,
I am!!

And I heartly agree with Gaynor...
do a Johnny Morris video!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for clearing up the confusion, Tim!!

And thanks, Gaynor and Tim for your comments!

Tim said...

And there I was thinking that I was confusing the clear-up!!

Unknown said...

Hi Colin and Elizabeth

(already post earlier in your blog and think you may have missed :-) )

Myself and my wife have read your blog with much interest as we are about to move to France and potentially buy a property in Nueil Sous Faye so the turbines raise a number of issues for us. Would you mind corresponding via e-mail ( we have many questions about both the area and lifestyle.
It is our intention to operate gite rental accommodation, start a micro brewery and art gallery and also offer bespoke art holidays (i am a practicing contemporary artist as well as a brewer). Thank you so much for this informative blog and I do hope we can chat further.

Steve & Pam Bartlett

Le Pré de la Forge said...

When are we getting the baby HoopHoop pix then?