Friday, 13 June 2014

STERF Butterfly Atlas Survey, June 2014

Our tally of butterflies for the June STERF survey is a bit on the low side, which was both surprising and disappointing considering the weather conditions yesterday.

By far and away the most prolific was the Meadow Brown,

with the Ringlet

and Speckled Wood some way behind in number.

Then there were odd sightings... the White Admiral, for example. This one is a pretty tired looking specimen!

And one or two Small White, a couple of Holly Blue and several Marbled White but try as we might, it was impossible to catch one still for long enough to get a photo. However, at home this morning what should pose for the camera but... a Marbled White!

The biggest surprise for us was spotting what we think is a Green Veined White; a butterfly we haven't managed to photograph before..

If we are not correct in the identification, we know a lady who WILL know! Susan?

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Tim said...

I've no idea what it is, but it's pretty, isn't it? P.