Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Forest Walks

When we go on our weekly walk it is generally through one of the many forests available. It is always a little worrying whether we will find the car again especially in Chinon forest which is a little on the large side. You can set off walking down the various trails, turning left and right and then not be quite sure where you are!

We have rejoined a trail and not realised we had walked in a circle on more than one occasion!

On Sunday we took our small (7") tablet with us loaded with a complete map of France (Free) and with the tablet GPS switched on we could pinpoint our position exactly. The map does not show the forest trails but it does show all the minor roads so it is easy to pinpoint your starting position in relation to a road. If you are not sure where you are or what direction you are walking it is very easy to check and alter direction accordingly. It has a walking setting too. You can get the same maps for a smartphone... May even tempt me into getting one!

Here are some pictures from Sunday's walk.

Interesting tree ring pattern...

What time of year is it? Someone tell the Blackberry!

Fungi in miniature...

Isn't technology great?!


Pollygarter said...

The tablet map and GPS sound interesting too! What does the GPS do for the battery life?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

It is very good and the tablet, which is a cheapy, was bought to play music from our NAS drive to our music system (and play more radio than you can shake a stick at)

The GPS is on all the time and does not really effect battery life which is similar to a mobile phone... lasts for ages!

We love our tablets!!!!!

Tablet link http://www.ebuyer.com/521621-hisense-sero-7-pro-32gb-tablet-m470bse