Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas and Friends

Wishing all our readers new and old


As last year we will not be sending Christmas Cards but instead making a donation. This year it will be to two charities which support epilepsy, Headway and Epilepsy Action as coincidentally we both have offspring affected by the condition.

Our celebrations started early this year with a meal - meeting up with two fellow bloggers, Gaynor and Jean, not in France as we normally would, but back in the UK. That seemed quite odd but it was lovely to have the chance to meet up before they both set off to spend Christmas overseas...

Since then our days have been filled with preparations for the big event. The sprouts are on to boil and the turkey is basting as we write. We've taken the bang out of the crackers to conform with H&S over here and now all that remains is to open our presents on the day. As we both know what we have bought for each other ... that could be interesting, but I'm sure we'll make it fun!

All the very best to you all. Don't over do it! We probably will!

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