Friday, 5 April 2013


When we went in search of the Snakehead Fritillary our starting point was the confluence of the rivers Vienne and Loire. Although we have stopped and looked at the confluence before we have never been to the spot in between the two rivers. Our position is marked below on the Google image below.
Our position offered a different photographic perspective.

View across the Vienne
 View across the Loire
View up the Loire showing the island
View down the co joined Loire
 It also provided a good view of the Collégiale St Martin and the village of Candes St Martin.

Elizabeth also photographed this paw print which we have no idea what made it. Coypu perhaps?
It was quite large approx 7cm long...

If you are in the area it is well worth going over the small bridge at Candes St Martin to admire the views.

N.B. The name Candes is thought to derive from a Gallic word for confluence, and is found in several other similarly sited towns in the region;

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Tim said...

Most likely Coypu... it is about the only one this size that can show a print like this in soft mud without showing the web between the toes.

The Goggle pic is interesting as it shows the difference in colour between the two rivers... dark Vienne forming a thin dark line down the edge of the Loire.