Friday, 8 March 2013

Weeping over the Willows 2

Day 2 of the great Willow Pollarding dawned and rain overnight threatened to put a stop to the planned tidy up operation.

However the day soon improved and after breakfast we started moving all the felled wood.

By lunchtime the scene had improved...

Colin was now able to reach  to make one final cut of the branches..

And I spent the time ferry armfuls of thinner branches to the "hole" where much of our garden waste goes.

It was back to work after lunch and by mid-afternoon we had decided we'd done quite enough. We'd cleared most of the debris and sawn up the majority of the logs..

The hole was full...

The chicken coop housed a mound of logs

And the lawn had two large piles of thinner branches still to be sawn into manageable lengths...

Not forgetting a tub of cuttings for Tim and Pauline!
Hope they're ok, Tim. Happy planting!


Jean said...

Great job!
I'm extremely jealous of your blue skies. I think we have probably had less than ten sunny days here since the beginning of the year and more snow is forecast for the weekend. It might not amount to much but it's such a miserable proposition for the end of a truly grey and dismal week.

Tim said...

They look fine, thanks... but there is no need to drown them!... they just need the bottom end in water ;-) You'd be surprised at how quickly they take!!
I've got some S.alba "Tortuosa" in water and it already has little rootlets growing from the bark at the bottom...
willow wants to grow.
Will email about the invite once I have discussed with the social secretary.