Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Spring is Just Around the Corner

But the corner seemed a long way away when we awoke to snow again this morning.

By mid morning however, the snow had gone and after lunch the sun shone albeit with a bitter wind blowing.

Colin was hard at work in the shower room so I put on another few layers and ventured out to do some gardening. It was heartening to see a few signs of spring..

The first of the anemones and daffodils are in flower (just) and the hyacinth and tulip are well on their way..

There are plenty of lizard and bee orchid rosettes appearing..

and the cowslips are starting to show their buds...

Last year's verbena and holly hock plants are still in leaf and showing no adverse signs from the winter weather so far..

And, surprisingly, one of last year's antirrhinums is in bud..

My favourite sight of the day is this colourful daisy, set off perfectly by the moss in the lawn (!!)..

Perhaps that 'corner' isn't so far off after all.


Susan said...

Oooh an anemone! How lovely! I can never get the blighters to grow.

Tim said...

Antirrhinums are perrenials, it's just that they are usually thrown out after the first year. My parents had a lovely dark red one in their garden for at least five years! Pauline

Craig said...

Lovely shots of spring guys and so welcome. Same here with bulbs in flower thanks to some lovely spring weather over the past week here in the great north!
I saw today lovely pinkish red growth on rhubarb I planted last autumn. Can a crumble be far away?!