Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Aprons are us!!!

The observant amongst you will have noticed Elizabeth's shop, to your right as you read this, now has a display of Aprons. Why aprons you may ask?

Well on our recent trip to the UK we learnt, off Elizabeth's niece Ella (9), that the latest fashion in parties, birthday or otherwise is.... Bake Off parties.

And what does every self-respecting young lady need for baking?

So we have.....

Cup-cake aprons in sizes ranging from 5-9years

One for the young teenager...

And, of course, one for Mum 

(because the recipe always says "Ask a grown up..." when it comes to the fun bits)

And even if it doesn't, Mother's Day is only just round the corner!


Susan said...

I had indeed noticed the aprons. Tricky business aprons -- there are lots of ways of making them more practical, but they all add time, and no one wants to pay too much for an apron.

Jean said...

They're delightful!
I love the moment when I put my apron on as it usually means I'm going to do some baking. (Either that or the washing up, which is much less fun!!)
I made an apron as one of the projects for my GCSE needlework and I still have it. Yours are beautiful.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Jean! When I was at primary school we had to make a gathered skirt for ourselves. When I think back it surprises me that we managed to do it completely by hand at that age. Needless to say, I never wore mine. By the time it was finished I hated every stitch of it!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Aprons have taken on a new lease of life since the "Great British Bake Off". Suddenly they are party wear!