Monday, 4 July 2016

Summer's evening by the Creuse

We spent a lovely evening in Barrou on Saturday at the "12e Festival des Barroudeurs".

The first act we saw was Baptiste Pizon, who sang one of my all time favourites - in English, of course!

The weather was perfect and the company, the best, but got a bit chilly later. That was what made us decide to leave and as we made our way to the road, the road came towards me rather more quickly than I'd anticipated. I went down like a stone; flat on my face.

In Susan's words:

"Your fall was fairly dramatic. The effect was enhanced I think because you were wearing very pale colours and it was nearly dark. You just went straight down"

Fortunately I was relatively unscathed. However my camera, which was in my bag, fared less well suffering a shattered lens and broken shutter.

Colin has ordered a new one. He'll just have to put up with the old one of  me, though!

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