Thursday, 9 June 2016

Les jardins du Presbytère à Braye-sous-Faye

Last weekend in France, as well as in England, it was national garden open day and les  jardins du Presbytère in Braye-sous-Faye took part.

Ever since we came here we've wanted to see this garden. It is well hidden with only the tops of the tall cypress showing from the road and giving a tantalising glimpse of what lies beyond..

On Saturday we were gardening when a couple walked past slowly and admired our garden. We invited them in for a cup of tea and learned that they had come from a neighbouring commune to the visit the Presbytère; and they were English.. By the end of the afternoon we'd exchanged email and phone numbers and had an invitation to visit them.

On Sunday morning we went to the Open Garden, and whilst it wasn't bright and sunny, it was perfect for taking time and looking round.

What a hidden gem it turned out to be! So much so that I went back in the afternoon with friends, Paul and Mary.

We got a good view of Braye's twelfth century church from here..

I think this door below ground level, will lead through to the church.

The garden was architectural in design but it worked beautifully.. 

 The potager was a real show piece... 

Before we left we spoke to the owner and he said he'd always wanted to have a look at our garden so a reciprocal visit was arranged for Tuesday.

As a gift he brought one of his lettuces and we learnt the secret of such a perfect potager...

We were the first to have something from the potager - he has been buying everything so that he didn't need to spoil the perfect rows of vegetables and salads, until after the open day!

Our thanks go out to him not only for sharing his garden and produce but also for his hospitality and for inviting us back when there are more flowers to see.

One Open Weekend; three new friends... Gardens are a great way to meet people!

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