Sunday, 6 March 2016

La Tour Saint Gelin - a puzzling walk..

First of all a puzzle: Here is our leaflet for the walk we did today:

and here is the same walk on the notice board in La Tour Saint Gelin...

Can you spot the difference? It just goes to show, you can't believe all you read!

The walk was one of big skies

And a first for me this year; Violets..

Spring is on its way!

postscript... Can anyone (Susan) help identify this mystery crop, please?



Susan said...

Hmm. The walks look about the same length to me, but if one really is longer I'd go for the blue. Which one did you do? and how long did it turn out to be? Any idea what the botanical curiosity is?

Le Pré de la Forge said...

Let one be two and two be one and vicky-versa!!
And the waymarkers were probably white and orange??

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Susan, we were walking with Mary Lyons and she suggested Viola Cornuta and gave the following link:

I've added a photo of a crop we saw. Can you identify it please?

LaPre DelaForge..... exactly!!

Susan said...

The map legend indicates 'botanical curiosity'. I think it's unlikely to be Viola cornuta, since they are native to the Pyrenees. The violets in your photos above are both Sweet Violet Viola odorata.

The crop looks like linseed aka flax.

Susan said...
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