Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Say No to Farm Wind at Nueil-sous-Faye.

We have known about the proposed wind farm at Nueil-sous-Faye for some time but today, in our mailbox, we received a request to sign a petition against the development.

You can see and sign the petition here

The development is for four turbines each with an overall height of 158 metres. For those of you familiar with our area of North West England that is the same height exactly as Blackpool Tower.

They are to be located between the villages of Nueil-sous-Faye and Pouant as shown on the map below.

The site is about 4 kilometres from us in Braye so we will be signing the petition...

If you want to find out more about proposed sites for wind farms check this link to the PDF document: Schéma régional éolien - DREAL Centre


Susan said...

What exactly is the problem with these turbines? Are they fragmenting habitat? If they are on agricultural land there shouldn't be a problem. What is unacceptable about their visibility? Scale? Are they really going to interfere with the view of the Cité Idéale? If so, more than existing high tension pylons and the myriad of cables all over the place? The claims about a danger to health and devaluing of real estate have been disproved again and again and are just nonsense. Why are these rather fabulous additions to the landscape not loved? In 100 years time they will be nostalgically regarded heritage. Signed Exasperated of Preuilly.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

If we had our way it would be "NO" to high tension pylons and the myriad of cables too!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Susan I am against wind turbines on the basis that they are being built to satisfy the green energy legislation ONLY. Think about it... Sorry industry you can't run today, there is no wind!!! In the UK the government is paying the turbine companies millions a week not to produce electricity when the grid cannot cope with it. They make more money NOT to produce electric... They are a JOKE... Check the internet there is plenty on there about it.
As an Engineer I agree they are splendid constructions but will never have to charm of the old windmills!! Col

Craig said...

At least where we live, it's the scale of the wind turbine industry I have an issue with. The turbines themselves are getting bigger by the year and are not only unsightly and but if you're unfortunate enough to live near them then I understand that there are noise issues also. But here they have become out of control to the point where I believe that much of Scotland's landscape is blighted or in danger of being blighted by the sight of hundreds of turbines. In our area we have a few and on a small scale I find them acceptable (sort of). But I appreciate the need for greener energy and have no issue with wind playing it's part but not to the scale envisioned by government. I'd rather see tidal power receiving the same level of support. It will be interesting to see how the tidal lagoon at Swansea Bay does. It could be a game changer.

Susan said...

Changing legislation (ie enforcing the building of turbines) is one way of changing behaviour. Contrary to popular belief, it is changing behaviour that changes attitudes, not the other way around. Legislation may initially be a blunt instrument to change attitudes, but it works in the long run (eg smoking). Ideally all the alternative energy sources should be used in combination. At the moment they don't mesh well with the grid. That is because there is currently no will for it to happen and the privatised old school energy companies are frightened. Alternative energy may well result in the fragmentation of the grid. That may or may not be a good thing -- it may just be the only way to break the power of the old style energy companies. If we don't set these things up the new technology can't come onstream, much less be developed. Unfortunately, most of what is on the internet about wind turbines is opinion (including what I'm writing). It is very difficult to find someone credible and genuinely knowledgeable, who is prepared to openly discuss their personal agenda so you can judge the relevance of their input to the debate. The thing that has always irked me the most about the British opposition to turbines is that the only way you could oppose them was on aesthetic grounds. Conservation organisations who wished to oppose them on the grounds that they fragment habitat were left using arguments they didn't really believe in and in the uncomfortable position of opposing something in the particular that in the general they did want. It all seemed a bit nimby. In France and Australia there is far too much focus on the stupid health claims. As for how beautiful they are, I love them and am not nearly as charmed by Dutch style post mills (cones with sails). A 19th C éolienne bollée on the other hand is a thoroughly attractive addition to the landscape. I could go on and on, as could most turbine bores, but blog comments is not the place :-)

Colin and Elizabeth said...

You should stand in the elections Susan.

Unknown said...

Hi Colin and Elizabeth

Myself and my wife have read your blog with much interest as we are about to move to France and potentially buy a property in Nueil Sous Faye so the turbines raise a number of issues for us. Would you mind corresponding via e-mail (by.steve@hotmail.com)as we have many questions about both the area and lifestyle.
It is our intention to operate gite rental accommodation, start a micro brewery and art gallery and also offer bespoke art holidays (i am a practicing contemporary artist as well as a brewer). Thank you so much for this informative blog and I do hope we can chat further.

Steve & Pam Bartlett