Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Stroll...

Today's walk is one we've done before with friends but they were unable to join us today as they had planned a romantic lunch out - and  (not surprisingly) we weren't invited!

Setting out from Braslou, just four or five kilometres east of Braye, the walk follows a track up-hill, giving views of the surrounding countryside.

We noticed the tell-tale rosettes of wild orchids although we couldn't be sure which varieties..

Another thing we couldn't miss was the abundance of mole-hills..... (more on these at a later date)

In the hedgerow this early blossom had attracted the first Xylocopa Violacea we've seen this year. It had obviously found an abundance of pollen as its body is covered in the yellow powder..

Then it was through woodland and along tracks past ploughed fields as we made our way back to Braslou..

And after all that fresh air and exercise we could eat a horse! (figuratively speaking of course). Which reminds me, I wonder how the romantic lunch went?!


GaynorB said...

A wonderful guided walk. We did an organised randonnee at LGP which we found out about on Friday. Well worth going, with feeding stations and crepes at the end!

Jean said...

Lovely photos. What a gorgeous blue sky.