Monday, 8 December 2014

Richelieu Marché Noêl 2014

Over the weekend we've made three visits to Richelieu to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Marché Noël. Saturday afternoon was glorious, but when we were there the square was relatively quiet..

This view was taken through the La Porte de Chatellerault, looking into the Place du Marché...

We just caught the end of the annual "Crèche Vivante", featuring the school children accompanied by live animals, which this year were (thankfully!) housed in a separate pen!

Les Halles made the perfect backdrop for the Marché,

particularly when we went back in the evening

Despite the colder weather on Sunday attendance was very good..

 The children in particular, enjoyed the Spectâcle, with Père Noël and friends...

We spotted our little neighbour, Thiméo,watching spellbound..

and then with mum trying to coax him along..
The band struck up...

And everyone seemed to be full of the festive spirit (which one, we weren't sure; but they were certainly full of it!) by the time the fireworks drew the whole thing to a close yesterday evening..

So a Very Merry Christmas from Richelieu!!

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