Monday, 21 October 2013

Why is Our Cosmos So Tall?

Planted as seedlings in a new border along the West facing side of the house, these plants have grown far taller than expected.

Typically the tall varieties of Cosmos grow to 150cm. Ours exceed 250cm and this has proved to be a distinct disadvantage. They have fallen prey to strong winds and we've had to pull out the worst casualties.

Having said that, the flowers keep on coming and they do look rather spectacular; silly yes, but certainly spectacular!

Any cosmos experts out there, we'd be very pleased to hear your thoughts on this.


Tim said...

I'm no Cosmos expert....
but could they be reaching for the stars?

GaynorB said...

Bat poo?

Tim said...

Gaynor.... that's no way to express disdain at my attempt at humor!!