Thursday, 20 February 2014

Good news for Richelieu

The following is a basic translation from an article published on La Nouvelle You can see the full french text here
The National Commission for conservation areas approved the revised backup plan and development of the city of Richelieu. On February 13th 2014 the commission under the Ministry of Culture was unanimous in its approval,  and commented "very favorable" on the project that was presented. The quality of the study was also praised.
This important and essential decision will help to continue the process of change currently underway. Beyond this is the opportunity to continue the heritage restoration in the city and boost the tourist attractions of the city and the park. 
The new backup plan should be in place by the end of the year after the results of the public inquiry. It will promote the development, both residential and economic. 
The programme is based on clearly stated goals while helping to make the people involved in the redevelopment of their city. They were involved in its preparation and a public presentation of the project took place in December before the validation of the main orientations.
Launched in 2009 by the prefect at the request of the council, the revision process will update the documents from 1965 which have become inconsistent with the city's needs over time.

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