Sunday, 22 December 2013

In the kitchen with Colin...(3)

The third in the 'series' is from a loose recipe card I have had for many years. It was most probably from a set given free in one of the weekend newspaper supplements.

The dish is Oriental Pork, which is pork (I used pork fillet) marinated in soy sauce and red wine for several hours and then cooked with grated fresh ginger, carrot, leek, and green pepper with frozen peas added at the end.

The pork marinade...

The ingredients.

Cooking the pork, which is then removed from the pan.

Frying off the vegetables.

With the meat and liquids back in the pan..

and the peas added

The finished dish served with basmati rice... yum yum.

Elizabeth loved it that much she has requested a large batch for our Boxing day meal with the family... So it looks like I will be BACK in the kitchen!!!


GaynorB said...

What a tidy cook you are! Or is it just for the cameras?

It looks delicious.

Pollygarter said...

It looks absolutely smashing! What lovely colours. Looks liile the Pisse-Dru has been relegated to cooking wine, though. Or is it, according to the immortal Keith Floyd, good enough to drink, in order to be good enough to cook with?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

I do tend to be tidy Gaynor, that's if the recipe is simple enough!!

I am a big fan of Keith Floyd, my kind of cook, throw it all in a pan The Pisse was very good to drink but it is all I had open at the time. The dish called for sherry!! (May bring a bottle back with us)