Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Unseasonal weather... or what??

This time last year we had visitors here enjoying unbroken sunshine and temperatures in the 20C's.

This year.... well!
Our visitors are suffering unseasonally cold weather with strong winds, cool temperatures and rain. That's life I suppose!

To demonstrate just how strong the winds are, here are one or two images of the river Vienne, with waves more akin to Blackpool seafront than a river in central France....

A new business opportunity surfing on the Vienne...

All we can say is this is NOT the usual weather for mid April.

Sorry Mary and Ernie.... it can only get better!!


Diane said...

Think we had our summer in March, we are going backwards now!! Diane

Lesley said...

At least the pension is paying a few more Euros now to help pay for the heating costs.

Jean said...

I'm glad it was Easter last week and not this !!
Having been at work during the summer weather we had here in March we would have been really miffed if we were on holiday in sorry your guests have dropped unlucky!!