Tuesday, 8 November 2011


On Sunday we went to have a look round the village of Saint-Gervais-les-trois-Clochers, situated about 14km south of Braye. The village boasts a fine Centre Aquatique, with a 25m pool. It is primarily used by schools during term time and unfortunately when we went during the summer the pool was overrun with children on holiday. As there was hardly room to turn round in the water, let alone swim, we gave up and came home!

Sunday's visit was a much quieter affair. We had a pleasant walk round the plan d'eau, which is beautifully kept, with good paths and plenty of seats for the old and weary (us!). There was no shortage of things to see en route.

 Some glorious autumn colours...

 Fine examples of Shaggy Inkcap...

 and a rather imaginative play area

The centre of the village was somewhat less imaginative.

We had thought from its name that there must be three churches to see but Saint-Gervais-les-trois-Clochers is derived from the amalgamation of three parishes, Saint Martin, Saint Gervais and Aurigny in 1818. They were organised administratively into a single commune and given the name in 1820.

The church, like so many in rural France, has some splendid architectural features.

There had obviously been some classes for the children in preparation for the sacrament of Confession. A poster depicted the thoughts of the children on heart shaped pieces of paper. My favourite was this one...

I wonder if the chair survived its stint in the pool?!!

With that thought we'll leave Saint-Gervais-les-trois-Clochers for now.... though I'm sure we'll be back!

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