Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Designer label?

Ready for Christmas??

This poor pheasant, photographed in the garden today, is running round with a label attached. And, sadly, I don't think it's Dior or Ralph Lauren.

It is could be announcing:
"Don't shoot me yet; I'm someone's Christmas dinner!"


I think if I had caught it, I'd have been tempted to take off the label. But then again, that could have meant an even earlier demise, given the amount of hunting that is currently taking place.

If any of our readers know the true nature of the tag we would be interested to know.


Susan said...

We've seen pheasants wearing these yellow labels too, so we are also interested to know why. At first I thought they had been poking their heads in the rubbish and picked something up, but it must be something to do with hunting.

Lesley said...

Perhaps it's a medical thing to say that it is allergic to lead.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Nice one, Lesley!

Tim said...

The yellow thing is a poncho. It means "I've been released expressly so that you can hunt me". Released birds are overbred, very dim and don't make good breeding stock. Most hunters regard hunting them as butchery not sport. The national hunting federation wants to build up pheasant numbers from wild ones, with a bigger, rather more natural gene pool. Hunters must not shoot a pheasant without a poncho or a brightly coloured ring on the wing. I've blogged about it at